Stainless Steel Construction

Heavy-Duty Self-Cleaning Agitating Lifts to top for Easy Loading and Unloading of Parts

Agitation Speed up to 160 Agitations per Minute

Flow Through Hand Held Brush

Preset 120 psi Filter Regulator with Auto Drain

Lift Operates on 120 psi Air Pressure

Conveyor Washer Features:

Tunnel Washer has Two Separate Side by Side tunnels

One Side for Basketed Parts and Other for Compressor Bodies

Variable Speed Drives

Temperature Controls for Three Heated Tanks

Two Dryers and a pH Adjust System for the Wash and Rinse Tanks

Controlled by a PLC and Touch Screen with Multiple Programs

Custom Hydra HP Washer Features:

Scanning Spray Bars

Adjustable Rotary Parts Fixtures

Auto Open and Close Covers

Mist Eliminators

100% Filtration and PLC Controls with Touch Screens

Regenerative Blower to Dry Parts (Optional)

Hydra AL 150 Agitator Features:

Hydra HP Rotary Barrel Features:

Rotary Barrel and a High Flow Pressure Pump to Supply the Spray Manifolds for Washing.

Has a Rotary Drying Feature that Focuses the Hot Air into the Barrel as it Rotates.

Features 100% Filtration, Which is Accessible From Inside the Washer without the Need for Tools.

Compatible with Low Foam Alkaline or Acidic Chemicals Operating at Temperatures of 120 to 160 Degrees F.