Parts Washers and Cleaning Solutions to Fit Your Specific Application

Bioforce Service, Inc

High-Tech Custom Washers

Hydra HP Rotary Barrel Features:

  • Rotary Barrel and a High Flow Pressure Pump to Supply the Spray Manifolds for Washing.

  • Has a Rotary Drying Feature that Focuses the Hot Air into the Barrel as it Rotates. 

  • Features 100% Filtration, Which is Accessible From Inside the Washer without the Need for Tools. 

  • Compatible with Low Foam Alkaline or Acidic Chemicals Operating at Temperatures of 120 to 160 Degrees F.

Hydra AL 150 Agitator Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction.

  • Heavy-Duty Self-Cleaning Agitating Lifts to top for Easy Loading and Unloading of Parts.

  • Agitation Speed up to 160 Agitations per Minute.

  • Flow Through Hand Held Brush.

  • Preset 120 psi Filter Regulator with Auto Drain.

  • Lift Operates on 120 psi Air Pressure.

Custom Hydra HP Washer Features:

  • Scanning Spray Bars.

  • Adjustable Rotary Parts Fixtures.

  • Auto Open and Close Covers.

  • Mist Eliminators.

  • 100% Filtration and PLC Controls with Touch Screens.

  • Regenerative Blower to Dry Parts (Optional).

Conveyor Washer Features:

  • Tunnel Washer has Two Separate Side by Side tunnels.

  • One Side for Basketed Parts and Other for Compressor Bodies.

  • Variable Speed Drives.

  • Temperature Controls for Three Heated Tanks.

  • Two Dryers and a pH Adjust System for the Wash and Rinse Tanks.

  • Controlled by a PLC and Touch Screen with Multiple Programs.